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just tag it - tags like sexual assault tw, rape tw are the most frequently used ones
by Anonymous

Okay, I will! I’m sorry about that, I don’t often post about that kind of thing so it slipped my mind, but I’m sorry if it upset anyone. 

can you PLEASE tw your post with the cell phone pics/that convo - that's a hell of a lot to have to scroll past for people who are survivors
by Anonymous

Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about that….stupid question, how do I do that? 

are you still meeting up with that guy? he seems so... creepy, from that one conversation. obviously i'm not your mom and i can't tell you NOT to see him, but it just seems like he's not worth it?

Oh don’t worry, I definitely won’t be! He’s definitely not worth it. He had a lot of bad qualities to begin with, but throw that conversation in there and that just puts the icing on the cake.

Do you credit your photographs? There is no link to the photographer's page and the source is you. Please make it easier to find as it is very easy to do and to not do so is unfair. Thank you!
by Anonymous

I do credit my photographs - the source is never me. The click through link is back to me, but I do not have the source as westeastsouthnorth. The source is always flickr or 500px or wherever the picture is from. A lot of blogs put the source as their blog and then just credit the person in the captions, which I’m not going to do because it honestly takes more time for me to do and people delete captions anyways and then the source is lost. You can’t change the source. 

If you are looking at the pictures on the page itself, it says source and you can click on that link to go to the source. If you’re looking at the posts on your dashboard there’s a link to the source in the upper right corner like all posts. 

I’m sorry, I do credit my pictures and when I get messages that tell me that I don’t or don’t do it properly it makes me upset. There are so many blogs on tumblr that make no effort to do so, and I do.